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Best garage door security features

Security should be synonymous with garage doors. But often, it isn’t. It’s not usually the thing that comes to mind when you think of a garage door. It’s easier to think of it as simply the part of the house that allows you to take your vehicle out or in. But as a means for securing your home? Not much thinks of it that way.

That thinking needs to be revised, though. A lot of people do recognize a garage door’s role in keeping a home safe and secure. Especially when you start talking about a modern type of garage door, with all of the necessary security features that come with it or are available for it.

One thing about modern garage doors is that it usually comes with advanced security features. Some with state of the art of security features that are truly cutting edge. Although of course, you can’t expect all modern garage doors to be the same. 

Modern garage doors are also held to a higher standard, in large part due to those advanced security features. It is not bogged down by the limitations of the older locking systems like the older garage models are. 

Here are some of the best garage door security features:


Multi-point locking systems are some of the best available security features for garage doors today. It’s certainly an improvement over the single internal locks that used to be popular and widely used. If you’re a homeowner and you still insist on relying on those singly internal locks, then you’re certainly depriving your home and your family of a much better option. 

Most modern garage door models will have at least two internal locks fitted to them. And all of those doors have the option of being fitted with additional internal locks if the owner wants them. This presents a considerable upgrade to the garage’s security system.


Locking rods can also be considered a modern yet simple security feature for garage doors. It’s actually a very simple one but its effectiveness makes it ideal as part of modern garage doors. 

Locking rods are used as a replacement for cables and it offers a distinct advantage over it. Intruders will find it much harder to bypass or break through the locking rods than they would when facing cables.


Another security feature used in modern garage doors is the Euro profile cylinder lock. This type of lock will help prevent intruders from drilling the door’s main lock open. 

This lock serves as your insurance that intruders won’t be able to enter your home, at least not as easily as they would if the lock isn’t there. It acts as a second barrier for preventing intruders in case they were able to break through or remove your door’s outer lock.

There’s no question that security is one of the main features of every garage door. There are many details that go into making a garage door secure. Being equipped with some of the best garage door security features available is one of the best things that can be done to ensure that. Visit Garage Door SEO

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