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Duration Of Your Garage Door Openers Last

The garage door opener, a crucial component in the whole system, is among the most important elements. It’s used every time you are getting in your car for a trip on your way to work. Additionally, also when you need it when your kids want to take their bikes and games to play in the sun. When nothing occurs with the garage door opener, you won’t likely consider it a priority when it’s performing its task correctly and efficiently.

This is why it is vital to be aware of the garage door opener’s life span, the best ways of keeping it, and promptly addressing any issues through professional garage door repair.

For How Long Do Garage Door Openers Typically Function?

The device is mechanically that is referred to as an opener for garage doors and is responsible to raise and lower the garage door. The garage door opener has the ability to last for quite a long time when it is properly taken care of and maintained. The average lifespan of an opener is 10 and 15 years.

In determining the life span of an opener there are some important considerations to consider. Because people are different in their activities and lives as well as their lifestyles, the frequency individuals use garage doors can vary widely. This is a typical case of often-asked concerns, Contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair Kansas City MO

How Often Do You Use Your Garage Door?

The life expectancy of your opener is greatly dependent on the frequency of use. If you utilize the garage door opener two times each day, i.e., when you take the car outside of your garage at dawn and when you pull it back inside your garage in the evening, the opener is likely to last between 10 to 15 years. However, if you use the garage door several times per day for activities such as accessing your car, your kids’ bikes, yard equipment, and other items, it’s most likely to get worn out faster, potentially requiring garage door repair.

What Kind of Garage Door Opener Do You Have?

Three types that garage door openers come in are most likely to be inside your garage. The amount of components that a system is made up of, the way it is used, and its durability are all aspects that affect the requirements for maintenance of the system.

Belt-drive, chain-drive, and screw-drive are three kinds of drives. The screw-drive model of opener produces the highest sound, but because there are fewer moving parts, it’s the easiest to fix, making it a practical choice for those seeking straightforward garage door repair. Of the three options, the belt-drive is the quietest and smooth, providing a seamless operation. The chain drive, being the cheapest and having the highest maintenance requirements, is likely to require more frequent garage door repair sessions.

You can prolong the life of the garage door opener you have by providing it with the right type of maintenance, including timely and appropriate garage door repair when needed.


The maintenance of your garage door, especially when you are using it often, is vital. The hinges, springs, and rollers could benefit from lubrication to avoid rubbing, grinding, and wear and tear. This is especially beneficial in the winter and summer months. It is important to ensure the chain or belt is secure if the drive system is belt- or chain-driven.

Also, make sure you examine for tightening any nuts or bolts, as this can extend the life of your opener’s essential parts, including garage door repair. Since it’s an investment, you’ll want the lifespan of your garage door opener to last as long as possible. You might need to get it replaced or repaired when it makes a sound that is not normal or isn’t functioning in the correct way.

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